USA Lotteries

Do you know how USA lotteries came into existence? In this post you will find the history of US lotteries along with early facts that made lottery in USA popular. Also you will come to know of the 44 US states that offer lottery to its players in US according to their own rules and jurisdictions. The lists of states that operate individually for lottery games. The two major jackpot games which are popular in US- The powerball and the megamillion lottery. With all this information you will find lotteries in US and the games of lotto interesting to play as knowing the rules and jurisdiction of play makes it easy to choose the lottery of your choice.

The best ten lotteries that you can play in Texas

Texas is the home of lotteries. You can find lottery tickets for sale at al convenient stores, gas stations and other places and people just love to play the games. Being the second largest state in the United States by both area and population here are many lottery games to play here. The Texas lottery announced its arrival in a big way, […]

What to Do Next If You Just Won the Lottery

Placing a bet on the lottery and winning is everyone’s dream. While some people think it depends on pure luck to win the jackpot, are you prepared if your numbers actually win? Winning the lottery is definitely a life-changing event for every lottery winner. Becoming into a millionaire overnight is the ultimate fantasy for every […]