Texas Two Step Lottery

Texas Two Step Lottery
Have you ever played Texas State Lottery? Besides the Powerball, Megamillion and Lotto Texas there is another famous lottery game known as Texas Two Step Lottery. This lottery came into existence on May 13 2011 and is twice-weekly in-house game in Texas.  The amazing thing is that Texas Two-Step’s jackpot always is paid in lump sum and it is the only Texas Lottery jackpot game that does not require players to choose cash or annuity when playing.

The game offers

  • Jackpots is $200,000 and the amount increases for the next drawing until someone wins
  • Prizes, including the jackpot, to be paid in a single payment
  • Great overall odds – 1 in 32.4
  • Two draws a week – Monday and Thursday
  • An exciting Bonus Ball Feature
  • Win $5 (guaranteed) by matching just the Bonus Ball number
  • Multi-Draw feature – 10 drawings in advance
  • It Only Takes Two Steps!

How to Play Texas Two Step Lottery

Have a Texas Two Step playslip and select four (4) numbers from 1 to 35 in the upper play area of the play board labeled “Pick 4”, or mark “QP” and the terminal will randomly select your numbers.
Two Step ticket
On the same Texas Two Step playslip, select one (1) Bonus Ball number from 1 to 35 in the lower play area of the play board labeled “Pick 1”, or mark “QP” and the terminal will randomly select your number.
As with most US lotteries, players must be at least 18 years of age. Within Texas, players must choose when playing (instead of after winning) the cash value option (CVO) or annual pay (AP) when purchasing Lottery Texas tickets.

Multi Draw Feature

For added convenience, you can play your numbers for up to 10 drawings in advance. Mark the appropriate box under “Multi-Draw.” This will play your numbers indicated on play boards “A” through “E” for the number of drawings you select. Each play costs $1.

Lottery Draw

How to Win
The Texas Two Step Lottery drawings are on Mondays and Thursdays at 10:12 p.m. and Central Time. Ticket sales are not available during Draw Break, from 10:02 – 10:15 p.m. The draw is televised via satellite and available for all Texas TV stations. Winning numbers are also posted on lottery website, also published the next day in local newspapers, and available wherever Texas Two Step tickets are sold.

Texas Two Step Pre-test Results

  • Before the drawing of Texas Two Step Lottery a Pre Test is done. It is an unofficial drawing that tests the machine and the ball set used for the draw. Pre-tests ensure that the drawing machine is working well and that balls are drawn in a random way.
  • The Texas Lottery performs at least four pre-tests before every Texas Two Step drawing. A Texas Two Step ball set passes the pre-tests if the same white ball is not drawn four or more  times and the same red Bonus Ball is not drawn four or more times. If any white Texas Two Step ball is drawn five times or if any red Bonus Ball is drawn five times, the entire ball set fails and is removed from the machine and replaced by the alternate ball set.
  • When a ball set does not pass the pre-tests, more pre-tests are performed to test the alternate ball set. The second set(s) of pre-tests are shown in RED .
  • If the designated Texas Two Step drawing machine malfunctions during the pre-tests, the alternate Texas Two Step drawing machine is used. A new set of pre-tests are conducted with the alternate Texas Two Step drawing machine and the designated Texas Two Step ball set.

Odds of Game

Matches Prize Current probability of winning]
Zero numbers, plus Bonus Ball $ 5 (guaranteed) 1:58
1 number, plus Bonus Ball $ 7 (guaranteed) 1:102
2 numbers, plus Bonus Ball $ 20 (estimated) 1:657
3 numbers, no Bonus Ball $ 20 (estimated) 1:435
3 numbers, plus Bonus Ball $ 50 1:14,779
4 numbers, no Bonus Ball $ 1,501 1:53,900
All 4 numbers, plus Bonus Ball Jackpot 1:1,832,600

Overall odds are 1:32.4. The prize payout over time is estimated to be, at a minimum, 50 percent of Texas Two Step sales. Pari-mutuel prize = total prize allocation divided equally among multiple winners. Prizes may be higher or lower than estimated depending on the number of winners at a prize level. All prizes, including the jackpot prize, will be paid in a single payment. Rolling jackpots start at $200,000 and are paid in one lump-sum payment!

Claiming Your Prize

  • Sign ticket before claiming. Anyone who possesses an unsigned ticket may be able to claim a prize.
  • Texas Lottery retailers are authorized to pay prizes up to and including $599, subject to validation.
  • Such prizes may also be claimed at a Lottery Claim Center, or by mail using a claim form supplied by a retailer, or by requesting a form from the Texas Lottery at 1-800-37-LOTTO. If you choose to claim a prize by mail, please sign and mail your winning ticket along with the completed claim form to: Texas Lottery Commission, PO Box 16600, Austin, TX 78761-6600.
  • The Texas Lottery Commission is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets or for tickets lost in the mail.
  • Any Texas Lottery Claim Center can redeem prizes up to and including $999,999. Prizes over $999,999 must be claimed at Texas Lottery Headquarters in Austin.
  • Winning tickets must be claimed within 180 days after the draw date on the ticket.
  • Tickets, transactions, players and winners are subject to and agree to abide by applicable laws, Commission rules, regulations, policies, directives, instructions, conditions, procedures and final decisions of the Executive Director
  • To find the Texas Lottery Claim Center nearest you, call 1-800-375-6886 from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Central Time, Monday – Friday.