How To Play New York Lotto?

New York Lotto

“Hey, You Never Know” this is the catchy slogan for New York Lotto! New York Lotto was born in November 1966 with the aim to raise fund for various public and private services. According to survey of 2011-12 the New York Lotto reported a profit of $2.9 billion, all of which went to support education in New York State.  Such a good cause is always appreciated but keep in mind that it is your own choice to play lotto.

How to play New York Lotto?

New York Lotto ticket
New York Lotto ticket
  • Playing New York Lotto is easy. Go to any New York Lottery retailer and buy $1 lotto ticket.
  • Pick 6 numbers from 1 through 59.

Choose your numbers either by Quick Pick or pick your own numbers. Quick Pick is the easiest way to play. Ask for a Quick Pick, and the computer will choose random numbers for you.. If you’d rather choose your own numbers, grab a LOTTO playslip and choose six numbers from 1 to 59. You can play up to $5 for 10 games per playslip.

Fill out your playslip. Using a black or blue pen or a pencil and fill out one game panel for each game you want to play. Hand your completed playslip to the retailer or insert it into the NYL vending machine to receive your ticket. View playslip for more details.

Watch the LOTTO drawing as LOTTO draws on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 8:15 PM. To catch a live broadcast, check out these television stations.

Note that overall odds to win in a single panel is 1 in 92.05

Lotto Game Features

There are three main game features to play in this lotto

  1. Bonus Number: The Bonus Number is the seventh number drawn and it determines the second prize winner. To win the second prize, you must match five of the six numbers drawn, plus the Bonus Number.
  2. Play It Again: You can try your numbers again. Give your ticket to a retailer within 30 days to purchase an identical ticket for the next drawing. The cost of the new ticket will match your original play.
  3. Multi-Draw: Multi-Draw allows you to play consecutive draws, including the next draw, by marking the box next to the number of draws you want to play in the multi-draw area of the playslip. You can play up to 26 consecutive LOTTO draws.

Anyone of the age of 18 and plus can play New York Lotto. You can purchase the lotto ticket from an authorized retailer based in New York or from online with authentic  lottery ticket sales agencies like Lotter you are able to select your New York Lottery numbers online and purchase your New York Lotto tickets with no worries at all about where in the world you may be living.

New York Lotto Prizes

New York Lotto Winning numbers
New York Lotto Winning numbers

The minimum jackpot available on the New York Lotto is $3 million, and if it is not won the jackpot will rollover to the next draw, at a rate of $300,000 per draw. This can often lead to jackpots in the tens of millions, with the largest jackpot ever won on the New York Lotto $65 million.

By matching three numbers, players will receive $1.00, the equivalent to one free game. The other tiers are pari-mutuel, meaning they are made up of a percentage of the prize pool. Unlike most lotteries, not only the Match 6 tier but also the Match 5 and Bonus prize tier can rollover, so if there is no winner in either top two tiers, both those prizes can roll over until they are won.

How to claim the Prizes?

  • If you have won the New York Lotto first check your ticket(s) to verify the numbers and the date printed are correct. Remember Lotto tickets cannot be cancelled.
  • As a New York Lotto jackpot winner, you would have a choice in how you wish to receive your winnings. You could choose to have either a single cash lump sum payment or an annuity prize.
  • You will need to make the choice as to whether you wish to receive the cash lump sum option or the annuity installment payments option within 60 days of making your winning claim.
  • You will need to mark on the NY Lottery playcard whether you would like to receive your winnings as either a cash lump sum or in annuity payments.
  • If you choose to receive the jackpot as an annuity, it would be paid to you in yearly instalments over a 26 year period.
  • The annuity option with the New York Lotto itself differs from many other U.S.A. lotteries in that the payments are not equal each year but are graduated. Every year the payment is slightly higher than the previous year.
  • In terms of value, if you chose to take the cash lump sum payment as an NY Lottery jackpot winner, you would receive approximately 50% of the annuity value that you would be paid in instalments.
  • If you play lottery online however, whatever your win, this will not be a concern for you, as your accredited lottery ticket sales agency will take care of all this for you.

Find your nearest New York Lottery retailer if you win $600 and Below

– Claim it at any licensed New York Lottery retail location

– Schedule an appointment at any of the Lottery’s Customer Service Centers

– Mail it to the Lottery

To redeem your prize, all you need to provide is your winning ticket.

For Mail/Centers: You will need your winning ticket. A valid government-issued ID

If your prize is $601 or more:

– Schedule an appointment and claim your prize at one of the Lottery’s Customer Service Centers. Appointment is required to claim prize.

– Redeem at a local Prize Claim Center. Appointment is not required to claim prize.

– Mail it to the Lottery

To redeem your prize, you will need to provide

  • Your winning ticket
  • A filled-out Claim Form
  • A valid government-issued ID
  • A valid Social Security Number or FEIN

Hey You Never know New York Lotto can make you a Millionaire!