Is Powerball a Game of Pure Luck or Smart Strategy?

Everyone wants to win the Powerball lottery. Will you just depend on pure luck? Here’s our take on Powerball strategies.

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Most people would buy a Powerball ticket and just rely on luck to win a prize. Some bettors would even just hope to win a consolation prize because they think it’s impossible to win the grand jackpot. So if luck is only the key factor in winning the Powerball lottery then why do some people won the lotto, Powerball, and even mega millions a couple of times? Are these people luckier than others to beat out the odds of 200 million to 1 against them?

Previous Powerball winners claim that it’s not about luck, but hacks that enabled them to win the lottery multiple times across various platforms. Lotto wins range from pick 3, pick 4, and pick 6 games to mega millions and Powerball. Would you believe that there was a 1 multi-million dollar winner who it using scratch off games? These people owe their winnings to a more scientific approach rather than relying on significant dates or using the lucky pick system-generated numbers. So is a scientific method worth a try to win at Powerball?

What’s the Best Powerball Strategy?

Powerball winners don’t have a similar mindset with casual lotto bettors. They bet on their numbers without aiming to bring home the grand jackpot. It’s ironic how these lotto pundits win alot without hoping to win the jackpot. These people prefer to bet on pick 3 or pick 6 that don’t carry the jackpot prize. So how do they win? Most people will bet on the mega millions or Powerball $2 million jackpot prize, but previous lotto winners would prefer to win 100 prizes with each worth $200,000. Do the math, 20 smaller wins will give you $20 million. Arguably, it’s a better approach even if you win the jackpot prize, which you might share if other people betted on the same numbers.

These mathematical approach turned lotto winners into millionaires even without winning the jackpot prize. They established a winning strategy and made their fortunes from multiple small wins which became millions over a period of time. The key to winning doesn’t depend on luck, but is based on the concept of probability. You need to devise a system that gives you a maximum number of chances of winning by using the law of probability to your advantage. The lottery system is based on the solid foundation of the mathematics of probability. Don’t worry, even if you don’t need to completely understand the mechanics of manipulating probability, you just need to know the basics and use it to your advantage.

The Numbers Game

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People will usually have birthdays, anniversaries, and other important dates as part of their number sets. It’s a best practice to “take care” of these number sets and be consistent in betting them. Reality checked – your number sets aren’t lucky numbers. Perhaps the closest thing that lotto experts can consider as lucky numbers are “hot numbers.” These are numbers that frequently appear than other numbers.

Professional Powerball players are consistent in taking note of these hot numbers so they can incorporate it on their personal number sets. Hot numbers are like your all-star team during a lotto draw. On the other hand, there are “cold numbers” which are rarely drawn in winning lines. Professional lotto players refrain from using these numbers and don’t include it on their number sets.

Win Powerball Using Hot Numbers

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Let’s be straightforward in picking numbers to include in your number sets. Picking random numbers is useless or betting on significant dates as number sets won’t give you a winning edge as well. There are only two kinds of numbers that matter in the Powerball lottery. Hot numbers you should use and cold numbers you should avoid.

If you wish to combine significant dates with hot numbers to make you feel better then go for it. The key here is to spread out important dates with hot numbers to create multiple number sets. With that in mind, you feel good about using important dates while including hot numbers in your number sets as well.