What are Some Lotto Tips Shared by Lotto Winners?

People are always searching for more ways to earn money. It’s obvious that almost everyone wants to earn more money but a few only are finding ways to achieve this goal. Some would play lotto, but are there proven lotto tips to win?

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Nobody gets rich by being an employee, some people would invest and other would put up a business. Some would try their luck on lotto games, most would buy a ticket just for the sake of trying it out, but only a few would really play lotto with a certain knack for winning a lotto prize.

So how can a regular Joe win the lotto jackpot? People who regularly buy lotto tickets have a common method of choosing their lucky numbers and managing their number sets. It’s a common practice for lotto fans to use significant dates such as family birthdays anniversaries on their number sets.

You might think that’s just the usual way to pick your lucky lotto numbers and it won’t get you anywhere, so what are some winning strategies that actual lotto winners share?

Here are 5 lotto tips to help you pick your lucky numbers:

1.) Take Note Frequently Drawn Numbers

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Consistency is always key in winning. While some people would stick to their personal lucky number sets, only a handful would consider the science of frequency in playing lotto. It’s a best practice to always take note of the most common and frequently-drawn numbers. Keep a tiny notebook where you can record frequent winning numbers that appear every lotto draw. You may want to combine these frequently-drawn numbers with your personal lucky number sets as well.

2.) Listen to Lotto Winners’ Techniques

Most of us would just say that previous lotto winners were just lucky enough to win the jackpot. The interesting thing though is that lightning struck more than twice for multiple lotto winners. So there must be an art or science to predict these winning number sets, right?

LotoRainbow’s Renato Gianella tells that winning the jackpot doesn’t depend on luck alone. Using the right information will enable you to create winning strategies. Gianella made a “color template” that allows people to determine number set combinations that have higher chances to win. It may sound a fancy way to pick numbers, but it won’t hurt to give it a try.

3.) Be Consistent with your Number Sets

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Patience and consistency always matter if you’re playing a game. You have your reasons that you handpicked your number sets so there should be a good reason to stick with them as well. Lottery expert Richard Lustig told ABC news that being consistent and taking care of your personal number sets are keys to winning. Lustig won 7 lottery game grand jackpots already.

4.) Pick Overdue Numbers

There’s a theory among lotto winners that some numbers that haven’t been drawn for quite some time can suddenly show up and win. This seems ironic since there’s also a concept of hot numbers and cold numbers, the former being the most commonly drawn, while the latter don’t usually show up during draws.

The idea here is to be more flexible in picking numbers for your personal sets; if your sets are comprised of significant dates that don’t go over 20’s or 30’s then you need to consider creating other combinations to increase your chances of winning a lotto prize.

5.) Try the Lucky Pick

lotto quickpick

Here’s a tip that will determine if you really want to win or you just want to play lotto. While using the QuickPick option would be a contradicting way to the other tips mentioned in this list, Tatts Lotteries have data that shows previous winners have used a random QuickPick choice at least 50% of the time in Australia. Trying your luck by using QuickPick doesn’t hurt; it actually makes you more relaxed and takes the pressure off of you in winning the lotto jackpot. Sit back, relax, and enjoy playing and exciting game of lotto.