Win For Life Lottery Games

Win for life lotto

Have you heard of a lottery game with “lifetime” prizes! This is called Win for Life. Win For Life, comprise two types of US lottery games in which the top prize is advertised as a lifetime annuity. This is unlike annuities with a fixed period (such as 25 years), lifetime annuities often pay (sometimes for decades) until the winner’s death.

Let us see what Win for Life Lottery is and how it is played

Win For Life lotto tickets first went on sale on February 26, 2006 after the Kentucky, Virginia and Georgia state lotteries all got together in order to create the game. In some areas the game replaced Lotto South and guaranteed winners of the grand prize $1,000 every week for life.

This novel concept soon caught the imagination of lottery players, with many keeping an eye out for Win For Life results. When the Win For Life lottery says that you receive $1,000 for every week of your life, that’s exactly what they mean, as rather than having a certain number of instalments spread out a set amount of years, the payments continue until you die. Not a particularly pleasant thought but one that would certainly be eased by $1,000 a week.

Kentucky dropped out from Win for Life in 2011, and Georgia on February 22, 2014, leaving Virginia as its only member. (Win for Life was retired following the September 13, 2014 drawing; it was replaced by $1,000,000 Moneyball.)

When Kentucky dropped WFL, Georgia, Kentucky, and Virginia began Decades of Dollars, which later added Arkansas. (On October 19, 2014, Decades of Dollars no longer was available in Arkansas, Georgia, or Kentucky; the three lotteries participated in the launch of Monopoly Millionaires’ Club, whose sales were suspended in December. Decades of Dollars will hold its final drawing on April 30, 2015; Virginia will join the multi-state Cash4Life.)

Win for Life at Oregan Lotteries

Win for life lotto ticket
Win for life lotto ticket

Oregan Lotteries offer win for life lotto where you win $1,000 a Week for Life Using a Win For Life play slip, choose 4 numbers between 1 and 77 for your chance to win the $1000 a week top prize that keeps giving.

You need to pick 4 numbers between 1-77 per $2 board for the $1000 a week for life top prize. You will automatically get 14 more sets of numbers chosen randomly to win other prizes. Then once done give the completed game slip to the retailer and pay for your game. Whether you filled out a game slip or asked for a Quick Pick you will then receive a ticket.

Win For Scratch games

Most US lotteries offer at least one scratch game with lifetime prizes.

These games vary; some lotteries offer multiple price points for “lifetime” games, with the top prize ranging from $50 daily to $1,000,000 yearly. Play for each game varies.
Increasingly, American lotteries have introduced a cash option for winners of scratch games with such prizes (as they had begun in the 20th century with fixed annuities in almost all games, drawing or scratchcard.)

Players chose six numbers from 1 through 42; seven numbers were drawn, including the “Free Ball.” Top prize was $1000-per-week; there was a cash option of $1 million (offered when WFL was a Virginia-only game; when WFL began Virginia offered a $520,000 cash option, but the choice was eliminated the following year as neither Georgia nor Kentucky offered winners a cash option.) Second prize was $52,000 cash.

How to play Win for Life with New York State Lottery?

Win for life Scratchie
Win for life Scratchie

If YOUR SCORE beats THEIR SCORE, win prize in box.


In Game 2, match 3 like prize amounts, win that amount.

Match the word “LIFE” 3 times and win $1,000 A WEEK FOR LIFE!

Reveal a “CASH” symbol, win a FREE CASH 4 LIFE Quick Pick!

As well as the grand prize of $1,000 per week for life, the lottery also hands out a prize of $1,000 per week for a year as well as plenty other cash prizes. Drawings take place on Saturday and Wednesday nights and players are asked to select six numbers from 1 to 42 in order to play. Quick Pick features can also be used allowing players to have their numbers randomly selected.

There are similar lotteries offered at various other US states namely Cash4life, Lucky for life and many others. All you need is to visit your nearest lottery retailer store and find more about such win for life lotteries and how to play and win for a lifetime.