Megabucks Lotteries- Oregon

Do you know the meaning of the word Megabucks? Formed by two words Mega meaning Million and Bucks means Dollars! Megabucks Lotteries is the famous lottery played in Maine New Hampshire Vermont, in Massachusetts as Megabucks Doubler, Oregon and Wisconsin states of USA.  Let us see what Megabucks lottery is how it is played taking Oregon as the state lottery where it has more of its fans.

Facts about Megabucks played in Oregon

  • The Oregon Megabucks Lotto took birth in 1985.
  • In 2001, Megabucks Lotto changed from ball machine drawing to a random number generator drawing and the game matrix was also changed from a favourable 6/44 numbers to 6/48 numbers, as it right now.
  • The Oregon Megabucks lottery introduced a starting jackpot of a guaranteed $1 million in September 1986 and this Megabucks lotto drawings were increased to three per week, beginning in May, 2001.
  • Oregon lottery  offers some competitive odds of winning and offers four exciting prize divisions. The added Kicker feature that could multiply your prize is also a great plus in this US Pacific Northwest biggest lottery game

Buying Tickets

You can buy the ticket from authorized lotter website online or from authorized retail store. If buying online at Lotter website you can choose to purchase the tickets in a single form for, a one specific Oregon lottery drawing. If you play regularly it is better to buy lottery tickets in multiple drawings.
In this case, you have two options.

  • The first available option is a Subscription. When a player chooses to play with a subscription, her/his lucky numbers will be entered automatically, in every upcoming drawing for the Oregon Megabucks lottery, with every 10th participation FREE.
  • The second option to buy Oregon’s Megabucks Lotto tickets to many drawings is to buy a Multi-Draw Form. Multi-Draw form offers players the chance to play her/his lucky numbers for a preset number of  5, 10, 25 or 52 consecutive drawings. The advantage of a Multi-Draw form for the Oregon Megabucks Lotto is that you pay less for each draw your form participates in.

How to play Megabucks Lottery

Oregon Megabucks Lotto you have to choose 6 unique numbers, from a pool of numbers from 1 to 48 and 10- line forms. Choose your numbers manually or opt for quick pick.
You can play by using a game slip where you choose your own numbers, pick up a Megabucks game slip and fill it out. Just pick six numbers for each set from a set of 48 possible numbers (1-48). Select the number of draws, and if you would like to add Kicker. Give your completed Megabucks game slip to your Lottery retailer, or insert it into a player-operated terminal along with money to buy your ticket. Oregon-Megabucks Kicker is the most famous multipliers and has the power to boost secondary prizes by x4. On top of Megabucks’ excellent winning odds, this play option further improves your chance to take home an Oregon lottery prize. To select the Megabucks option, check the box on the lottery form for bigger wins!

Megabucks Lottery Draw

Draws are held Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 19:29 PST at 7:29 PM (19:29) and take place in the Oregon Lottery main offices in Salem.

Odds of the Lottery

The odds of hitting the Oregon Megabucks lottery jackpot (six lucky numbers), are 1 in 12,271,512.
Megabucks Odds

Megabucks Prizes

Megabucks jackpots start at $1 million and grow until someone wins! The more numbers you match, the more you win. Win prizes by matching 3, 4, 5, or 6 numbers on one line. Megabucks is a pari -mutuel game. Except for the 3 of 6 prize, the amount of the prizes is determined by the size of the prize pools and the number of winning tickets. Overall odds of winning a prize, 1:25. Estimated Prize payout is 70%.

Claim The Prizes

  • Oregon Megabucks players have one year, from the date of the drawing for which the ticket was purchased, to claim any prizes from that drawing.
  • All Lottery retailers can pay you for Megabucks prizes up to and including $600.
  • Megabucks prizes over $600 are paid at the Lottery office in Salem. On-line game prizes over $600 may be collected at the Lottery office in Salem beginning the day after the drawing or those prizes may be claimed via mail.
  • If you want to claim prizes over $600 via mail, you must read and complete the Winner Claim Form. You can have the form from the retailer or print it online and fill with your
    complete information. The original ticket and completed Winner Claim Form must be claimed via mail or in person at the Oregon Lottery office in Salem.
  • Winner Claim Forms may not be faxed or e-mailed to the Lottery .
  • Jackpots (first prize) are paid in 25 annual instalments. If one time cash lump sum payment option is chosen then, the cash value is about 50% of the jackpot figure. There is tax requirement of about 30% (that include 25% federal tax).
  • Players with the winning Megabucks jackpot prize ticket have the option of receiving their prize as a single payment. This choice must be made within 60 days of the date the winning ticket is validated. The cash prize is one half of the advertised jackpot amount, less federal and state withholding taxes.
  • Megabucks is shared by any and all players who match all six main numbers.

Now get set go for Mega bucks lottery!  Grab your ticket /slip and start the bucks rolling to you!