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Wanna have lottery winning tips from a winner- Here are the 7 best tips shared by 7-time lottery winner for Powerball

Lottery winner

Richard Lustig of Orlando, FL, has won seven lottery grand prizes through a system he developed.

The name of Powerball is itself so powerful that its fever grips the US lottery players all the year around At the time of writing the jackpot of this game has record to $94 million grand prize to be claimed. Just ask any winner how he/she feels and you can see that sparkle in their eyes which no other thing in the world can replace. But if you meet not once or twice but a seven times lottery winner then? Ahh..that is just wonderful. Richard Lustig is one such winner from Florida who has one not once but seven times lottery grand prize. Would you ask the secret for his winning. Yes he does guide you all and has even written a book about his trial and error and the math he developed to make all his plays a winning. Here are the seven best winning tips from him which you can too follow.

1. Avoid “quick-pick” in lottery

The “quick-pick” method works in number sets, which means every number doesn’t have the same amount of luck one would perceive. “Every time you buy a quick pick, you get a different set of numbers; therefore, your odds are always going to be at their worst in that particular game,” according to Lustig.

2. Use the entire board and not only stick to your lucky numbers

Many people use birthdates and anniversaries when filling out their cards. While your loved ones bring you priceless joy, using their special days to bring home the jackpot will likely mean you end up splitting the prize with 20-40 people. Instead of just playing numbers 1-31, use all the numbers available. “If you spread the numbers out across the whole track, you’ll either be the only winner or will split it with only one or two people,” Lustig says.

3. Know your instincts and stick to it

Lustig has a specific way to finding the numbers you feel most comfortable with in his book, but ultimately, once you pick the group that you think will work, stick with it. Remember, a set of numbers wins the grand prize, not individual numbers. If playing multiple cards, have some variety in the grouping of numbers chosen to maximize your odds.

4. Be consistent in playing with numbers

If you want to win a particular game, follow past and future drawings to get the hang of it. You can easily know the winning past numbers from the lottery draw result and gather those numbers and see how many times they have been lucky for the winners. Once you get hold of them then be consistent in playing those numbers.

5. Don’t get carried away by the big prize

As with other casino games always have a set budget or bankroll to play lottery. While winning millions of dollars would ultimately grant you and your loved ones financial security, it’s important not to spend money you can’t afford to lose like money for groceries, rent, medical etc on lottery tickets. If you can only buy one ticket or even 10 but not 100, that’s fine. So set a budget of what you’re going to spend. Do not get caught up in what’s called ‘lottery fever,’ Lustig says. Spend what you can comfortably afford to on lottery tickets and no more.

6. Calculate the probability

According to Paul Dreyer, a mathematician for the RAND Corporation , “There are pieces to the Powerball lottery, the major cash prize and the smaller prizes for matching some, but not all, of the numbers. When you add up the expected earnings just from the smaller prizes, it comes out to about $0.32 per ticket. That means that for every $2 ticket you play, for a ticket to be ‘worth it’ in the long term, the expected earnings from the big prize should be at least $1.68.
“The probability of winning the big prize is 1 in 292,201,338. The naive argument would be that once the jackpot gets above $473 million, you should buy a ticket because your expected winnings per ticket is greater than the $2 you spent on the ticket.”

7. Know that taxes eat up nearly half of your winnings

Paul Dreyer also asks you to know that the taxes eat up nearly half of your winnings. He adds that most people would think that playing for the $700 million jackpot is a “no brainer,” but such things are to consider. The winner will be doling out 39.6%, for federal taxes, and your state and possibly city may take a portion. Only California and seven other states don’t tax lottery winnings.
Also the $700M is a 30-year annuity. The cash now option is typically 60 to 70% of the jackpot. For the current jackpot it is $428.4M, about 61% of the annuity total.

Now take these seven tips into consideration when you go for the powerball lottery and remember that everyone will be playing the powerball lottery. Also the larger the prize, the more tickets are purchased by people, and the more likely you are to split the prize. Good luck

Want to Win Big at Powerball? Read These 5 Simple Strategies

What’s your biggest fantasy? If winning at the Powerball lottery is, then here’s how you can score big.

powerball numbers

Do you feel lucky at Powerball?

Most of us fantasize about driving fancy cars or living in a grand mansion. It’s something that anyone would imagine to motivate them in doing well in their jobs and having a salary raise in the process. Some people would simply try their luck betting at the lottery.

Imagine if you score big at Powerball lottery, you can retire and start your own business. Buy stocks while travelling the world. Helping your relatives with expenses or even donating some of it to charity. Reality checked – a whopping $10 million wouldn’t just land on our tables by betting at Powerball lottery. It requires patience and strategy to win it all.

Follow these simple steps on how to increase your chances of winning at Powerball:

1.) Stick to Your Numbers

powerball number sets

Being consistent in betting your favorite set of numbers is a best practice. It’s always a good idea to stick with the number and play them every time you place a bet. Keep in mind though that individual numbers don’t win lotteries, a set of numbers do. If you buy more than one card, be sure to scramble the numbers in different sets to increase your chances of winning.

2.) Avoid the Quick-Pick or Lucky-Pick Syndrome

powerball quick pick

People would think that betting at Powerball is a pure gamble, which is why they think all numbers have equal chances of being lucky. However, there certain number sets that have better chances than other sets. If you decide to choose a quick-pick, you only decrease your chances because you have random set of numbers generated by the computer. Again, stick to your numbers and trust your number sets.

3.) Choose Numbers Aside from Birthdates

powerball ticket

It’s a practice that most people do whenever they bet at the lottery. They feel that their lucky numbers are their loved ones birth months and days. That’s okay since we know that our families should enjoy our winnings first. While it’s a best practice for most people, you’re only limiting yourself to less than half the numbers available from 1 to 31. The idea here is to spread the numbers across to increase chances of winning individually or sharing the pot with one or two winners.

4.) Budget your Bets

powerball budget

Buying 10 cards is fine but buying 100 cards tells you how you’re dedicated to playing the lottery. If you think buying a hundred cards is an investment, then you’re in trouble.  The idea here is simply to budget your expenses. You allocate funds for grocery and you don’t spend it buying cards. If you have some spare change after buying your essentials, then it’s okay to buy cards. Shrug off that Powerball fever and stick to your gameplan.

5.) Be Consistent

powerball live draw

Always watch the live drawing of the game you’re playing. This will make you more observant on how you should approach your numbers game. Be sure to take note of the series of numbers that are frequently shown.

The two great winning moments of December 2016 New York lottery winners

Lottery winners

Ajit Rana of Queens and Dimitrios Hatzisotiriou of Lake Grove, both raked in life-changing lottery winnings.

How many of you think you cannot be a winner? Well this is what happened with Ajit Rana an Indian who is a Queens store owner. He heard a winning lottery ticket was sold at his smoke shop, but he at first didn’t even bother to look at his own ticket.
“I didn’t think to check mine,” said Ajit Rana, 44, who owns Bayside Supply on Union Turnpike in Oakland Gardens. when Rana of Long Island City finally discovered he matched the six numbers on the CASH4Life ticket, even his wife didn’t believed him.
“She thought I was joking,” he recalled after receiving an oversized check grand prize. “So I went home and showed her the ticket. We just kept checking the numbers over and over again. We were both totally surprised.”
Rana, who buys lottery tickets every week at the store, will get a net check totaling $227,410 every year for the rest of his life, according to lottery officials.

New York Lottery’s Yolanda Vega, who presented him with a giant check joked “I’m sure your wife is hoping you stay healthy!”

The winning numbers for the Nov. 11 2016 drawing were 8-11-37-41-54 with Cash Ball 4.

Rana is not completely sure how he’s going to spend the winnings. He plans to visit his family in India and buy a house.

Lottery winner Rana

Rana hit the jackpot with a winning CASH4Life ticket.

Similarly another winner who owns a pizza shop Dimitrios Hatzisotiriou, at Lake Grove, L.I was revealed as the winner of the $1 million Holiday Millionaire scratch-off ticket.

He bought the golden ticket which was the final one he planned to purchase  on his 73rd birthday.

“I spent $25 and won $50,” he recalled. “I didn’t want to spend the whole (winning), so I said I’ll play the $10 ticket … and won!”

Afterward, he jumped up and down and tried to call his brother, but his phone was dead.

Lottery winner Dimitrios Hatzisotiriou

Dimitrios Hatzisotiriou won $1,000,000 on his 73rd birthday.

The $1 million top prize on the Holiday Millionaire ticket is paid out as a one-time lump sum payment, totaling $661,800 after required withholdings. The money will go toward paying off some loans, as this is what is in mind of Hatzisotiriou.

But he’s not sure he will continue to work. “I’ve had a pizza business for 13 years,” he said. “I will keep the business or give it to my relatives. They work there.” Also like Rana he’s looking forward to visiting his family in Greece.

Is it your turn now?

Quick Pick Lotto Tickets- Here are the genuine reasons to avoid them

Quick Pick Lottery Tickte

Most of the lotteries come with Quick Pick Tickets. According to Powerball, Quick Picks are the most popular way of buying tickets with between 70% and 80% of players opting to do this. As you may expect from the law of averages, this means the majority of jackpot winning tickets come from Quick Picks, including the Powerball jackpot wins and the Mega Millions jackpot win.

But that is not true as Quick Picks are not necessarily unique and it is possible for the same batch of numbers to be chosen for other players. This occurred on August 7 2013, when the $448 million Powerball jackpot was shared by three ticket holders two of whom had opted for Quick Picks.

There are many other cases to report

Quick Pick Lottery

In the ticket above you can see four identical quick pick lottery numbers were all made within seconds of each other (circled) from the same Louisianna Lottery machine.

That means there will be many other players out there with the identical numbers, and when that happens the prize will be divided up among you. Of course, you can also win multiple prizes with a number of identical tickets too, but that scenario is very rare. Generally multiple duplicates for losing tickets just means wasted money for most players.

In a Louisiana Lottery game a player assumed they were buying four computer quick pick chances to win at a cost of $2 each. It turns out the tickets at the store were all duplicate numbers, so in reality they had paid $8 for only a single chance. The advantage would only happen after a win, when they would receive 8 times the number of prizes. But most players would not want to pay this amount for losing numbers.

In another example, back in 2012 a glitch affecting Illinois Lottery machines led to thousands of duplicate quick-pick tickets being printed. The Chicago Tribune reported that 3,000 tickets were affected out of more than 6 million sold between last Saturday and Tuesday.

Quick Pick

The problem is it’s impossible to avoid getting duplicate sets of numbers, which don’t help at all. If you go all in and buy 20,000 tickets, you have a 50/50 chance of having repeat sets. Also that’s among the nearly 300 million possible combinations! As pointed out in the New York Daily News, state and federal governments, as well as lottery officials, have a vested interest in selling you duplicate tickets.

One player, Mary Ellen Reiter, said she felt like she got one losing ticket for the price of two after discovering that eight sets of numbers on one Illinois Lottery QuickPick ticket that she bought matched eight sets of numbers on another.

According to Lottery spokesman Mike Lang the glitch occurred while new software was being uploaded to the machines. Lang says some machines weren’t clearing numbers out of their memories from the previous ticket issued. That meant old numbers were being printed onto the next ticket. The lottery learned of the problem several days later and it was fixed, but not in time for a number of players to share their prizes.

Customers were reimbursed with new quick-pick tickets, leaving some players thinking they had got one losing ticket for the price of two. There were 340 duplicate prizes that were won according to Lang so many people won twice though only small cash prize.
Another QuickPick duplication also raised a few eyebrows in Phoenix, Arizona, where employees at Hughes Performance were part of a pool for Mega Millions.

Mega Million Ticket

According to AZ Family, Jan Bleichroth, who owns the company, collected money from employees for the big Mega Millions drawing. Bleichroth collected $145 and went to a QT convenience store where she purchased 145 tickets using the QuickPick selection. But after bringing the tickets back to her shop and making copies for everyone, one of her employees noticed something peculiar about two seemingly normal tickets. It was that two tickets were exactly the same. The 60 numbers on one ticket were the exact same as the tickets on the second ticket.  At first, Bleichroth thought the Quick Pick machine accidentally spit out a duplicate ticket. But a closer look at the validation numbers at the bottom of the tickets reveal they were not copies.

So avoid falling into the trap of buying QuickPick tickets. QuickPick tickets are not controlled, and generally there’s no comeback if you find duplicate numbers. You can find this in  Minnesota State Lottery FAQ

Question: If I buy a quick-pick ticket, can anyone else get those numbers?

Answer: Yes, more than one person can receive the same quick-pick numbers. The numbers produced on Lottery quick-pick tickets are created using a random number generator within the lottery ticket printer. The ticket printer uses several calculations based on the printer’s internal clock and mathematical algorithms to produce the sets of numbers. The formula has no regard for previously selected sets of numbers and is tested extensively for randomness.

So what’s the choice. It is to avoid having Quick Pick tickets and doing the number work manually or you can say fill your lucky numbers by hand. At least you are on safer side.

How to Play Powerball Lottery Online Around The World

powerball online

Have you tried buying a lottery ticket online?

Can you increase your chances of winning if you play Powerball lottery online instead?

Someone won the grand jackpot of $1.6 billion early this year. It’s considered one of the largest jackpot prizes that have been won in lottery history. It’s not surprising that Powerball lottery has revived the popularity of lotteries worldwide. Every country now has its own version of the lottery. You can buy a Powerball ticket for $3 which gives you a 3 million to 1 chances of winning.

The Powerball lottery draw is held twice a week in the United States. The draws are every Wednesday and Saturday. Powerball tickets were exclusively sold at licensed retailers in areas where the Multi-State Lottery Association operates.

People are more inclined to join contests like the lottery if it has an online presence. Bettors can now buy Powerball lottery online tickets from accredited websites. These websites are called ticket messenger services where bettors can access on their phones.

Is it reliable if I buy Powerball tickets online?

Convenience vs. Risk

powerball touchscreen

It’s obvious that it’s easier and more convenient to buy Powerball tickets online. But it’s a matter of convenience versus risk. Powerball online ticket retailers are most likely operating under state laws. However, there could be a number of cons when purchasing tickets on the web.

Lotto players should be aware and ensure that you are using a trusted service that has a reputable record of paying winners. The process is very basic. The concierge will buy and scan your tickets into your account before the lottery draw is held. The concierge will cash-in the ticket and the prize money will be deposited to your account if you won. Jackpot winners have the option to have the ticket cashed for them or to be delivered.

The major risk here is that you don’t have the ticket for yourself. Keep in mind to be meticulous where you are purchasing your lottery tickets. It also helps to browse online for positive reviews of the lottery ticket seller.

Buying Tickets Online Around the World

powerball online winner

Powerball doesn’t have restrictions when it comes to the location of the winner. Canadians who live close to American borders are able to buy tickets nearby. Other Canadians would buy tickets online. There are Powerball lotteries around the world that are paying more than $1 million. These countries are Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand. Some online lottery websites that provide ticket messenger services enable international players to buy tickets from these countries.

Advantages of Playing Powerball Lottery Online

Buying tickets online is more expensive since this is how the ticket messaging services makes money. It’s actually cheaper than travelling to these countries every time you want to buy a lottery ticket. Players can purchase tickets in bundles. The great thing is that you can spread out the ticket bundles for multiple draws. You can even have the option of pooling up with other bettors to play more lines.

The 10 biggest mistakes to avoid when buying lottery tickets

Lottery Tickets

Playing lotteries is great fun and excitement. But do you really know the right way of buying lottery tickets. Well, for those who are not interested in any wins but just play lottery for fun and time pass then no need to worry. But for those who are really crazy about lottery games and yearn to win at least one lottery in their life time that too a big won then there are the 10 biggest mistakes to avoid when buying lottery tickets.

Mistake # 1- You buy less lottery tickets

Yes this mistake is what the lottery buyers do who need to win the game. You have a notion that by buying one or two lotto tickets you would have your hands on Jackpot worth of millions. Obviously you can win if luck is at your side but to win regularly and win big, you need to take the game seriously. Forget about playing with just 3-5 tickets and aim for much more.  Buying in bulk also increases your probability to win the game.

Mistake # 2- You buy only to play popular lotto games

Many people out there buy lottery tickets of Mega Millions and Powerball. Understood it is a big game with big prize but there are other state lottery games that you can play. So instead of buying lottery tickets for star games you can choose to buy tickets for 2 or 3 state lottery games which also constitute huge jackpots to win.

Mistake # 3-  You prefer to buy online.
Coming up of lottery websites  has made things easier for lottery players. You prefer to buy the lottery ticket online. There is no harm in buying online if there is no other option in your area. But many a times these websites go down or it’s possible your numbers may not be correctly registered. It’s always better to buy where have your purchases verified – a lottery store – to be extra sure. After all, you have millions riding on a set of numbers, so make sure every step of the process is verified.

Mistake # 4-  You don’t keep your tickets safe.
Once you buy your tickets they have the potential to become extremely valuable. Make sure you have a safe place for them, that goes without saying.  You should treat every lottery ticket that you buy as a live ticket and be cautious of it. There are many real stories where people have lost many millions of dollars just because they were careless about their lottery ticket. Lottery ticket is a wealth till the draw is out and you have to keep it safe.

Mistake # 5-  You buy lottery ticket from your lucky store.
It is often seen that lottery players go to buy their lottery tickets from only that particular store where they feel will be lucky for them. But there is no such thing as to be lucky in place or time. Lottery is either a game of chance or with logical probability to be played with calculations. It is your own strategy to play the game that is more important than where you buy your tickets. So you can buy your lottery ticket from any store or with any retailer.

Mistake # 6-  You buy less because you didn’t win the last game.
This mistake is similar as number one mistake. Many players look on the lottery as a business. When they don’t win enough or spend too much, they buy fewer tickets for the next game. This is wrong. The best way to play consistently and to win is to spend the same amount each time regardless of whether you’ve only won a little. It’s important to be in every game and not to miss out if you really are keen to win something.

Mistake # 7- You buy at late time
Many people rush to buy lottery ticket very late. Means they buy very close to the deadline of the lottery draw.  In Canada a man from Montreal lost a $27 million jackpot. He had the right numbers and his ticket was correct in every detail except one… he bought it 7 seconds too late. So avoid buying lottery tickets too late.Check it out from the lottery’s website and make sure you play well within the cutoff point. Even better, buy your tickets a few days ahead – you’ll never have to worry about missing that game.

Mistake # 8- You do not check the printed numbers in hurry

When you buy lottery ticket you should thoroughly check that numbers printed in the ticket are all readable and there is no duplicity anywhere. This is important for the Quick Pick tickets as there have been cases where the numbers were either not printed in sequence or serial numbers were duplicated.  You can lose if you did not check the ticket promptly before filling.

Mistake # 9- You do not read the rules carefully

You should buy a ticket and know the games rules to play. You should check whether legally you can play that lottery or not; what are the prizes and how they will be distributed and when. You should know every detail before playing

Mistake # 10.- You do not have your lottery pool

Individual lottery tickets have less chance to win where as the lottery pools ticket has more chance to win and also save you money. Lottery pools are played in a group be it a family or team of friends or colleagues at office. You pay your share for the ticket and every on ethus buys tickets which are in bulk. The probability to win increases and in case of wins the prize amount is shared equally.

Therefore to play the lottery the above  10 mistakes should be avoided at all cost if you are serious in winning the lottery.

Is This the Best Strategy for Buying Powerball Tickets?

Powerball lottery is simply a game of chance, but is there a winning method in buying tickets?

powerball ticket

We all want to be billionaires. Most of us would want to become instant billionaires. But not everyone wants to try their luck at Powerball lottery. It’s not everyday that anyone could win a $2 billion grand jackpot.

Bettors have their own techniques on how to pick numbers and which numbers to avoid. If you think the lottery is just a game of chance then you already gave yourself low chances of winning. The idea here is that if you’re playing Powerball you might as well play it right.

The Real Deal in Picking Numbers

powerball draw

Always keep in mind that playing Powerball requires understanding and patience. You need to be aware that the odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 200 million. The odds are the same no matter how many people play on a particular draw.

Choose your numbers from 1 to 69 and can be from any order. You can also match the Powerball number from 1 to 26. The number of combinations is the same and will have the same probability of being drawn. This suggests that your odds of winning will remain the same.

It’s a fact that every number combination isn’t as good as the others. Ignore the odds and focus on the chance of winning a billion dollars. If just think of that great opportunity to win a prize and ignoring the odds, then you sparing yourself from unwanted lottery pressure. Choose a Quick Pick, purchase multiple tickets, or stick to your old reliable number combinations – these are your options that will make you win.

Are There Ideal Numbers to Choose?

The most frequently drawn Powerball number is 20. The number 20 has shown up more than 70 times before. Second would be the number 6 which has been drawn 70 times. The number 2 has appeared 69 times. But wait a minute; remember that betting on number combinations based on frequency won’t increase your chances of winning.

Once numbers are drawn on a certain day, every number combination will have the likelihood of being drawn. It doesn’t matter how many times it was selected in previous draws. It can make you feel better though that you’re using “winning” numbers.

Is Quick Pick Worth Trying?

powerball quick pick

The Quick Pick has turned ordinary bettors into instant billionaires. What’s a Quick Pick? Playing Powerball requires you to bet on numbers. You can choose your own number combinations or choose randomly via the computer using a Quick Pick.

Three-quarters of Powerball jackpot winners have used the Quick Pick option. Let’s be clear again though, using the Quick Pick won’t increase your odds of winning but will make playing the lottery more exciting. There’s no pressure as well since you played Powerball as a game of chance per se.

Still Finding The Best Powerball Strategy?

Arguably, buying multiple tickets will increase your chances of winning. The more tickets you purchase then the more number combinations you can bet on. Keep in mind that every number has the similar chance of being drawn. This requires increasing the number of combinations to increase the odds of winning.

Buying hundreds of tickets to win the lottery wound increase your winning chances. There’s always the fact that the odds are 1 to 200 million. So should you buy tons of tickets? Let’s be use some common sense here, if you have enough money to buy many tickets then why bother playing the Powerball, right?

Playing the Powerball as a game of chance is the best way to win. There’s no pressure to win and you’re not wasting money. Play it for fun and donate some to charity if you win.

What Would You Do If You Win The Lottery Today?


Mega Millions

Steve Tran is a delivery driver from San Jose, California. He’s one of thousands of people who buy a lottery ticket so he can provide a better life from himself and his family. One day he bought a Mega Millions ticket, the next thing he knew he was on the phone talking to his boss “I hit the jackpot. I don’t think I’m going to come in today, tomorrow, or ever.” It’s totally mind-blowing for anyone who wins a half of the $648 million grand jackpot.

Some of us wonder think how people feel if ever they win, after all, these lottery winners are still ordinary people. Emotions can get the best of them especially if they won a big amount of money, and other people around them can take advantage of their emotions. So what do people would most likely do if ever they won the lottery?

A local survey shows that 46% will tell their significant other right away, only 10% of the responders mentioned that they will call their lawyer. So is it right for Steve to call his boss first instead of contacting a lawyer or a financial adviser?

Put yourself in Steve’s shoes and ask yourself: what do I next after winning the lottery?

It’s best to prepare to be a responsible lottery winner. Here are some useful tips:

Keep It to Yourself First

lotto winner privacy

It’s quite difficult to contain your emotions once you find out that you won millions, but telling it to the world by announcing it on your Facebook account is another story.  Pretend that it’s your birthday and you don’t tell everyone that it’s your birthday, right? People don’t have to know how old you are on your birthday, and that holds the same for winning the lottery jackpot, don’t declare yourself as the winner of $100 million jackpot prize.

Go on and be excited about winning tons of cash but it’s best practice not to tell everyone you know. Avoid posting on social media or even dropping hints. You can mention to your immediate family but you know how people are when it comes to money. It’s safe to remain anonymous until you contact your lawyer and financial adviser.

Seek Professional Financial Advice

lotto financial adviser

Telling your parents that you won the lottery is good since you trust them because they are your parents, right? Yes, that’s ok, but they are not the most qualified people to advise you on how you will proceed to claim your prize money and what to do right after. You can ask from close friends or trusted colleagues for referrals. Financial advisers and lawyers can help you in taking meticulous steps once you claim your prize.

Robert Grant, a securities attorney in Boston who has represented multiple lottery winners in lawsuits over investment scams, says “lottery winners become one of most heavily targeted marks in the entire world.” If you won the lottery, you don’t claim your prize then go straight to the bank like it’s your usual routine of making a deposit. The best practice would be to seek advice from an established and reputable investment firm, and then proceed to claim your jackpot prize.

Avoid Claiming the Lump Sum

lotto lump sum

Lotteries prizes can be awarded in one go, or paid in a number of installments over time. The jackpot winner will keep more if he decides to be paid in installments and spread the winnings in a 30-year annuity arrangement. What’s great about being paid through annual installments is that you can have more time to plan what you will do with your winnings

Spreading winnings out also gives the lucky ticket holder more time to learn how to manage the massive sum and make more responsible choices, Grant says. The installment basis for claiming the cash prize also gives you security. If you spend your first lotto payout ridiculously and live the life if a highroller, then you can learn from that mistake without spending all of your winnings.

Avoid Impulsive Decisions


Winning a large amount of money doesn’t mean you can alter your life right away. You don’t quite your job to have an annual vacation spending lottery money. You don’t purchase fancy cars and buy a mansion to live like a king everyday doing nothing to sustain such lifestyle. Make the most out of your time and study how you can invest a portion of your money. If you want to live the good life then the best practice is finding ways to make more money and sustaining your investments.

Massachusetts Reintroduces iLottery Proposal

massachusetts state lottery

iLottery is coming to Massachusetts soon.

State Treasurer Deborah Goldberg has paved the way for the Massachusetts Lottery operations to extend online. Ms. Goldberg has reintroduced the legislation that will allow the state lottery to offer its products on the Internet. The state treasurer has filed a bill with the state legislature on Wednesday for a new iLottery proposal. The Massachusetts Lottery will be allowed to sell draw tickets and online games once the proposal is approved.

Goldberg’s Bill Revitalizes Bettors’ Interest

Deborah Goldberg is aware that the state lottery needs to reach a younger generation of bettors. The iLottery proposal will enable the state lottery to broaden its reach via a strong digital presence. The proposal will discuss the game types, prize sizes among others. The Massachusetts State Lottery Commission will also tackle the concerns of the bill in terms of problem gambling protections, gambling spend limitations, and credit card funding concerns.

The good news for land-based retailers is that the Massachusetts State Lottery Commission aims to promote retail lottery sales as well. Land-based lottery retailers will be allowed to sell prepaid gift cards that players can use to fund their online lottery accounts. It shows that state treasurer Goldberg has explored the areas where both online and offline lottery operations will complement each other.

Daily Fantasy Sports Betting Coming Soon

The Massachusetts State Lottery Commission also discussed fantasy sports betting regulations this week. A special committee has been formed to provide the legislature with relevant and appropriate regulations to be implemented to online gaming operations.

The commission has said earlier this year that it wants to apply regulations to eSports, sports betting, and social gaming. It aims to cover more forms of online gaming in order to prevent loopholes in regulations. The commission will meet every month to discuss online gambling and sports betting regulations.

How to Use AutoLotto Mobile App

autolotto mobile app

Are you willing to bet on the lottery using the AutoLotto mobile app?

It’s usually a breeze to buy a Powerball lottery ticket. You fall in line and select your personal number sets. Sometimes holding on to your ticket is a daunting task. It’s a mere piece of paper that you should take care of.

Some bettors are just careless on how they secure their ticket. It’s important that you treat each ticket as if it’s holding the winning numbers. Well, most people are careless in taking care of tickets anyway.

This is why AutoLotto has created a mobile app which enables Powerball lottery players to purchase, play, and redeem tickets and prizes using their smartphones. So how does AutoLotto work?

What is AutoLotto?

AutoLotto is one of the outstanding graduates of the 500 Startups accelerator program. It has raised $2, 4 million in seed funding. It aims to bring an alternative in lottery operations for the convenience of thousands of lottery bettors.

More than a 100,000 users have already signed up on the waiting list to install the beta version of the app early this year. AutoLotto was launched in July and is now available on the Apple App store.  Lottery bettors who live in New Hampshire are the only ones allowed for the beta version. AutoLotto also gives out the first ticket for free.

How will AutoLotto Work amidst State Lottery Issues?

Lotteries represent a $70 billion industry in the United States. A variety of lottery games such as Mega Millions, Powerball, and State Lotteries are almost found in every corner. AutoLotto can launch on a national level but the company’s founders are playing it safe.

“We’re not here to ‘disrupt’ the industry. We seek formal acknowledgement that we are not in conflict with existing laws before we operate. We provide a service that helps state lottos and retailers, and people who enjoy playing.” DiMatteo said.

AutoLotto’s Tony DiMatteo and Matt Clemenson are aware that lotteries are highly regulated in every state. Every state has a subjective set of regulations as well. This is why AutoLotto’s founders are open to collaborate with state lottery commissions, directors, and offices of the governor and attorney general. This allows the lottery app startup to mitigate concerns and provide seamless services to bettors and state lotteries.

What’s Next for AutoLotto?

The AutoLotto mobile app enables users to purchase a single Powerball ticket using the quick pick option only. Bettors will be able to select their personal number sets and buy up to 20 tickets for every Powerball draw.

AutoLotto aims to add group buying features to enhance the mobile lottery gaming experience. Bettors can team up and combine their funds to buy tickets. The winnings will complement every player’s contribution to the pool.

AutoLotto plans to launch a ticket-buying app soon. The promising startup is already operating Mega Millions, State Lotteries, and Powerball app.