How To Play Scratchies At California Lotteries?

How to play scratchies at California lotteries

Scratchies at California Lotteries are the most fun and exciting games to play in California. These games cost few cents to few dollars to make you a millionaire.

To play scratchies in California you need to be 18 plus of age. Simply visit your nearest lottery shop and buy scratchies to play. Scratchies come in California for every occasion be it for birthdays, graduations and holidays, too. Find Scratchers at your local convenience store, gas station, grocers and more. With new Scratchers updated every month, there’s a Scratchers game for you and everyone.

How To Play Scratchies At California Lotteries?

How to play scratchies in California

To play scratchers you can buy scratchie tickets and play the game of your choice.

You can  find that the scratchies are the perfect game to play in any group, big or small. Whether you enjoy a scratchies game night with friends or give out Scratchers as prizes, the possibilities of winning are endless!

Enter any Eligible $1, $2 and $3 Scratchers or play the progressive 2nd Chance and you could win $60,000!

At the time of writing this post there were more than 50 scratchies to play at California lotteries.

Some of the new scratchies to play are:

  • $2 – Electric 8’s: This game offers a chance at a supercharged prize of up to $20,000!
  • $3 – Money Ball: Have a ball with this carnival-inspired game, which lets you roll with multiple ways to play and win. 
  • $5 – $250,000 Payout: Bring on the play with up to 18 chances to win and a top payout of $250,000!
  • $10 – Power 10’s:  Pump up the fun and voltage for this game that offers up to 21 chances to win!

How to play second chance scratchie?

How to play second chance lottery in California
Second chance draw

Your non-winning ticket gives you another opportunity to win up to $25,000 in a weekly draw. Every $1 you spend gives you 1 entry into 2nd Chance drawings. For instance, your non-winning $10 ticket gives you a 2nd Chance code for 10 entries.

To play second chance scratchie.

Buy a ticket. If it isn’t an instant winner, use the 2nd Chance code on your ticket to enter 2nd Chance draws. You get 1 entry for every $1 you spend.

Sign into My Account or register for a Lottery account. There are two ways to submit the 2nd Chance code on your non-winning Scratchers.

(1) When you are logged into your account from a laptop or desktop, you can enter your 2nd Chance codes manually.

(2) For a fast and easy way to play, you can also submit your ticket using the California Lottery Official Mobile App by scanning the barcode on the front of your tickets. 

Know the draw times. 2nd Chance draws take place every week after the entry deadline at 11:59 p.m. on Saturday. Entries submitted after 11:59 p.m. will be entered into the following week’s draw.

Submit up to 500 codes each month. Each code is a draw entry that’s automatically placed into all applicable draws at least once. There are two types of draws: weekly draws for each game program, and additional Lottery promotional draws.

Keep track of your submissions on your Lottery account. You can view and sort your 2nd Chance code submissions by date and draw, and see how many draws each of your submissions is entered into. View My Submissions.

Second chance scratchie winner
Second chance scratchie winner

Use any of these ways to see if you’re a 2nd Chance winner:

Sign into My Account as soon as you get an email notification.

[See Results and Winners]

Non-winning Scratchers tickets get another chance to win cash and prizes in weekly Scratchers 2nd Chance draws, with 32 winners and $100,000 in cash and prizes every week! Also the fun never ends with seasonal Scratchers 2nd Chance special promotions throughout the year, with multiple chances to win cash, merchandise and unique experiences.

What are the prizes to win?

Second chance progressive winner in scratchie
Second chance progressive winner in scratchie
  • Playing $1 scratchie you win $5000
  • Playing $2 scatchie you win $1200000
  • $3 scratchue you win $3000
  • $5 scratchie can fetch you maximum $500000
  • $10 scratchie you win $1000000
  • $20 scratchie you win $5000000
  • $30 scratchie you win $20000000

How to spend scratchers night with friends or group?

Here are some of the favorite ways to group play with Scratchers:

Scratchers Swap
Scratchers Swap

Scratchers Swap is a scratchies At California Lotteries strategic and exciting game for your next adults-only game night! Be the player who ends the game with your favorite Scratchers to win!

1. Get a large bowl and place it at the center of your game play space.

2. Have each player place one Scratchers of their choice in the bowl.

3. Once all players have placed their Scratchers in the bowl, each players must close their eyes and pull one from the bowl. No peeking!

4. Once every player has chosen the Scratchers, the Scratchers Swap begins!

5. Player turns are made in alphabetical order by first name. The player whose name starts with the letter closest to the beginning of the alphabet gets to choose who to swap with first. Sorry to all the Zacks out there!

Note: You can’t swap back with the player who just swapped from you!

6. Keep the game going until all players have had a chance to choose their Scratchers Swap twice.

7. Once all players have chosen twice, this round has ended, and it is time to get scratchin’ to unveil your prize!

To keep the fun flowing? Bring 2 to 4 Scratchers each to game night and start the game all over again!

Scratchers Scramble
Scratchers Scramble

Scratchers Scramble is a scratchies At California Lotteries game to get you on your feet! This fast-paced and entertaining game is fun for groups of any size. Be the last person standing in this winner-take-all game!

1. Gather your group (remember – players aged 18 and over!), and arrange yourselves around a table and have a seat. Select one player as the monitor who will sit out for this round. 

2. Once you select your monitor, ensure they have a phone or music player ready to play some jams! 

3. Take the Scratchers game of your team’s choice and leave one at every spot at the table, leaving one spot empty without a Scratchers game.

4. The monitor will begin to the start the music.

5. When the music starts, each player will scratch off one space on the Scratchers and walk to the next spot at the table on their left while the music is playing.

6. When the music stops, all players must stop where they are at. If a player is at the spot without the Scratchers game, they’re outta here!

7. Once a Scratchers has all spots scratched, it is removed from the table and the spot is now empty.

8. Players continue to play steps 4 and 5 until one player is remaining and has won the game!

9. The remaining player takes home all the prizes won on the Scratchers that were played during this round. Wow!

If you want to keep the jams and fun going, bring 2-4 extra Scratchers per player and start again – and lotto recommend multiple different Scratchers for variety! 

How to claim your wins?

There are various options for claiming your prize if you win scratchies At California Lotteries. The fastest way to claim prizes $600 and over is at a Lottery District Office. Under $600 wins can be collected at your nearest lottery shop. Also you can email at for any query.

Lottery District Offices are open Monday through Friday 8AM to 5PM to accept claim forms. No appointments are required. Players can walk-in at their convenience and be assisted on a first-come basis. Claims are no longer accepted via drop box.