How To Check Lottery Results In Indiana With Hoosier Lottery App?

The new Hoosier Lottery App to check Lottery results in Indiana

The Hoosier Lottery App was launched in 2017 and is the official lottery app for the US state of Indiana. With this lottery app now you can check your lotto tickets, find the winning numbers, view jackpot amounts, get notifications, and find your nearest retailer to play the lottery with ease.

Click here to download the free app for iPhone

Click here to download the free app for Android cell phones.

What you can do with the Hoosier Lottery App?

With the Hoosier Lottery App you can:

Scan the lottery ticket

Use the Hoosier Lottery app to scan and check Draw games of Powerball, Mega Millions Cash 5 and others, Scratch-off, and Fast Play game tickets like Bingo, Crosswords and enter my2ndChance promotions.

Click “Check Your Ticket” in the menu

Click “Scan ticket code now”

Get instant results!

If you already have the Hoosier lottery account online and you are a myLOTTERY members can enter eligible non-winning tickets into my2ndChance drawings with just two additional clicks.

Click here to create a myLOTTERY Account

Also with the lottery app you can create and save playslips for your favorite Draw games.

Choose your game

Pick your numbers and playing options

Save your numbers

Also get your myPlayslip scanned at your favorite lottery retailer

How to check lotto results in Indiana

Once you download the Hoosier Lottery app you can create and save your favorite numbers using the new digital playslip, myplayslip! This will save  paper playslips and build your playslip right in the Hoosier Lottery App! The App creates a barcode that Hoosier Lottery retailers scan to print your tickets.

Customize push notificatins to receive jackpot alerts and winning numbers alerts for your favorite games.

Features of the Hoosier lottery app

Features of the Hoosier lottery app
  • With Hoosier lottery app you can set your preferences and get customized notifications.
  • As said above get notified of winning numbers, Jackpot Alerts, and other game information.
  • You can create and save digital playslips for your favorite Draw Games.
  • Also, check your Draw and Scratch Tickets
  • You can check winning numbers for your favorite Draw Games or Check the latest jackpot amounts
  • Find your nearest Hoosier Lottery retailers
  • Watch Cash4Life live drawings
  • See if you’re a winner by simply scanning your tickets with your mobile device.
  • Learn about your favorite Scratch-off games.
  • Easily enter 2nd Chance promotions from just about anywhere, exclusive to myLOTTERY members. Second chance promotions are, on occasion, offered with a Hoosier Lottery game or games allowing a purchased and non-winning ticket to be entered for another chance to win prizes. You must be myLOTTERY participant and signed in to your account for access to second chance promotions.
  • Tailor your myLOTTERY account to you and receive alerts on your phone for your favorite games

Remember you must be 18 years old to play Hoosier Lotteries and you must update your Hoosier app for more ticket Scanner Enhancements, Digital Playslip Barcode Adjustments, and other latest updates. Also, note that this app uses background location to serve region-specific promotions and events information to players on cell phones so have that enabled too.

To check the lottery results with the Lottery app you need to go to games. There from the drop-down menu select the game you wish to find the result of.

Next go to draw

Click on the day and date of that particular game draw.

Next click on check-your-numbers

You need to enter your lottery numbers that you have played.

You will come to know instantly whether your numbers won or not.

Also with the help of the app you can see the winning numbers, prize total, number of winning tickets by prize level and more for Hoosier Lottery previous draws.