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News and Events in Lotteries in USA brings for you news relating posts and articles for you to gain information and knowledge about the recent happenings in Lottery in USA. There are many events that lotteries in USA perform state wise from time to time. You can come to know of such events in detail and the fun factor involved which will boost your morale for playing lotteries.

With 15.8 Million Entries Pennsylvania Lottery Promotion Sets U.S. Industry Record

In a recent news Pennsylvania Lottery Promotion has set U.S. industry record with 15.8 million entries. Created by Scientific Games it has set an industry record for the most entries into a promotion offered by a U.S. lottery. More than 15.8 million tickets were entered into the Secret Santa Second-Chance Drawings promotion in 2016 for the opportunity […]

How to Play Powerball Lottery Online Around The World

powerball online

Can you increase your chances of winning if you play Powerball lottery online instead? Someone won the grand jackpot of $1.6 billion early this year. It’s considered one of the largest jackpot prizes that have been won in lottery history. It’s not surprising that Powerball lottery has revived the popularity of lotteries worldwide. Every country […]

Massachusetts Reintroduces iLottery Proposal

massachusetts state lottery

iLottery is coming to Massachusetts soon. State Treasurer Deborah Goldberg has paved the way for the Massachusetts Lottery operations to extend online. Ms. Goldberg has reintroduced the legislation that will allow the state lottery to offer its products on the Internet. The state treasurer has filed a bill with the state legislature on Wednesday for […]

How to Use AutoLotto Mobile App

autolotto mobile app

Are you willing to bet on the lottery using the AutoLotto mobile app? It’s usually a breeze to buy a Powerball lottery ticket. You fall in line and select your personal number sets. Sometimes holding on to your ticket is a daunting task. It’s a mere piece of paper that you should take care of. Some […]

Massachusetts Lottery Plans to Offer Online Lottery

massachusetts lottery

The Massachusetts Lottery is inching closer to launch its digital products to increase its revenues. Massachusetts state senate has given the approval of its legislation. The state senate has voted 39-1 in favor of S2423. The economic development bill will allow the state lottery to broaden its reach through digital channels. It includes Senator Jennifer […]

Texas Lottery Launches New Lottery Mobile App

texas lottery mobile app

The Texas Lottery has recently introduced a new lottery mobile app. The app enables bettors to check access drawing results, check draw winners, and even receive second chance drawings. The Texas Lottery mobile app is now available for free to download on Android and iOS devices. The lottery scene is getting exciting every minute. As the […]