How to Use AutoLotto Mobile App

autolotto mobile app

Are you willing to bet on the lottery using the AutoLotto mobile app?

It’s usually a breeze to buy a Powerball lottery ticket. You fall in line and select your personal number sets. Sometimes holding on to your ticket is a daunting task. It’s a mere piece of paper that you should take care of.

Some bettors are just careless on how they secure their ticket. It’s important that you treat each ticket as if it’s holding the winning numbers. Well, most people are careless in taking care of tickets anyway.

This is why AutoLotto has created a mobile app which enables Powerball lottery players to purchase, play, and redeem tickets and prizes using their smartphones. So how does AutoLotto work?

What is AutoLotto?

AutoLotto is one of the outstanding graduates of the 500 Startups accelerator program. It has raised $2, 4 million in seed funding. It aims to bring an alternative in lottery operations for the convenience of thousands of lottery bettors.

More than a 100,000 users have already signed up on the waiting list to install the beta version of the app early this year. AutoLotto was launched in July and is now available on the Apple App store.  Lottery bettors who live in New Hampshire are the only ones allowed for the beta version. AutoLotto also gives out the first ticket for free.

How will AutoLotto Work amidst State Lottery Issues?

Lotteries represent a $70 billion industry in the United States. A variety of lottery games such as Mega Millions, Powerball, and State Lotteries are almost found in every corner. AutoLotto can launch on a national level but the company’s founders are playing it safe.

“We’re not here to ‘disrupt’ the industry. We seek formal acknowledgement that we are not in conflict with existing laws before we operate. We provide a service that helps state lottos and retailers, and people who enjoy playing.” DiMatteo said.

AutoLotto’s Tony DiMatteo and Matt Clemenson are aware that lotteries are highly regulated in every state. Every state has a subjective set of regulations as well. This is why AutoLotto’s founders are open to collaborate with state lottery commissions, directors, and offices of the governor and attorney general. This allows the lottery app startup to mitigate concerns and provide seamless services to bettors and state lotteries.

What’s Next for AutoLotto?

The AutoLotto mobile app enables users to purchase a single Powerball ticket using the quick pick option only. Bettors will be able to select their personal number sets and buy up to 20 tickets for every Powerball draw.

AutoLotto aims to add group buying features to enhance the mobile lottery gaming experience. Bettors can team up and combine their funds to buy tickets. The winnings will complement every player’s contribution to the pool.

AutoLotto plans to launch a ticket-buying app soon. The promising startup is already operating Mega Millions, State Lotteries, and Powerball app.