Massachusetts Reintroduces iLottery Proposal

massachusetts state lottery

iLottery is coming to Massachusetts soon.

State Treasurer Deborah Goldberg has paved the way for the Massachusetts Lottery operations to extend online. Ms. Goldberg has reintroduced the legislation that will allow the state lottery to offer its products on the Internet. The state treasurer has filed a bill with the state legislature on Wednesday for a new iLottery proposal. The Massachusetts Lottery will be allowed to sell draw tickets and online games once the proposal is approved.

Goldberg’s Bill Revitalizes Bettors’ Interest

Deborah Goldberg is aware that the state lottery needs to reach a younger generation of bettors. The iLottery proposal will enable the state lottery to broaden its reach via a strong digital presence. The proposal will discuss the game types, prize sizes among others. The Massachusetts State Lottery Commission will also tackle the concerns of the bill in terms of problem gambling protections, gambling spend limitations, and credit card funding concerns.

The good news for land-based retailers is that the Massachusetts State Lottery Commission aims to promote retail lottery sales as well. Land-based lottery retailers will be allowed to sell prepaid gift cards that players can use to fund their online lottery accounts. It shows that state treasurer Goldberg has explored the areas where both online and offline lottery operations will complement each other.

Daily Fantasy Sports Betting Coming Soon

The Massachusetts State Lottery Commission also discussed fantasy sports betting regulations this week. A special committee has been formed to provide the legislature with relevant and appropriate regulations to be implemented to online gaming operations.

The commission has said earlier this year that it wants to apply regulations to eSports, sports betting, and social gaming. It aims to cover more forms of online gaming in order to prevent loopholes in regulations. The commission will meet every month to discuss online gambling and sports betting regulations.