Texas Lottery Launches New Lottery Mobile App

texas lottery mobile app

The Texas Lottery has recently introduced a new lottery mobile app. The app enables bettors to check access drawing results, check draw winners, and even receive second chance drawings. The Texas Lottery mobile app is now available for free to download on Android and iOS devices.

The lottery scene is getting exciting every minute. As the world becomes more digital, mobile gaming and lottery apps are becoming a trend nowadays. It’s not surprising that casinos, online gambling ports, and even state lotteries are incorporating digital tools to enhance their marketing strategy.

Here’s how lottery players can use the mobile app:

  • Scan and check draw and scratch tickets to see if they have won.
  • Create and save their favorite numbers so that a Texas Lottery retailer can scan the QR code and print a ticket for purchase.
  • View current jackpot amounts and winning numbers.
  • Locate a favorite scratch ticket game or nearest lottery retailer.
  • Easily scan tickets to enter promotional second-chance drawings.

Do you think lottery mobile apps will entice millennials to play lottery? Is this a better approach compared to traditional lottery marketing? Let us know in the comments.