Lucky to Win Lottery – Unlucky Losing Again

It has rightly been said that “A Person Slips And Ladder Falls on Him”!  But how do we slip to have a ladder fall on us. We slip because of a curse, bad actions, carelessness, weak standing and the list goes on. In the same way it has been seen that the lucky winners of lottery who get millions of dollars from the win are not so lucky otherwise.  The cause of their being broke and being unhappy even after the win is due to their not so wise decisions. Here are the few stories of such lucky but not so lucky winners.

The story of Thomas and Denise Rossi

Being married for 25 years Thomas and Denise Rossi were all happy. But all of a sudden Denise asked for a divorce from her husband. This happened right after she won $1.3 million which she kept a secret from her husband all through her divorce proceedings.  But how long can the truth be hidden. Once it came out the judge found her guilty of violating California’s disclosures law and awarded the entire winnings to her ex-husband. So who was lucky?

The story of Brits Roger and Lara Griffiths

Brits Roger
Brit Roger and Lara Griffith won about $3 million playing the lotto. She bought designer goods and he pursued a rock career, but soon all blew away. They lost money in bad investments, and their dream home, which they had borrowed against, burned down in a a fire. Moreover their marriage fell apart as emails discovered on Roger’s Computer led Lara to believe him of extra marital affair. Did the win made them lucky?

The story of Abraham Shakespeare

Abraham S
This story has a tragic ending. The Florida man Abraham was not so literate and was a drop out from school. At the age of 40, he won the $30 million jackpot. After he won, he was quite generous in lending his win money to who so ever asked from him even letting homeless people to live in his home. But this blind trust proved unlucky for him. His girl friend Dorice Donegan “Dee-Dee” Moore “befriended” Abraham and he went missing. He was eventually found buried in a concrete slab at the home of Moore’s boyfriend, and she was convicted of his murder.

The story of Evelyn Adams

Evelyn Adams a New Jersey resident ht the jackpot not once but twice in 1985 and 1986 winning a  prize of over $5.4 million.  But this didn’t last long, as she spent it more on playing at the casinos trying her luck again. No being a broke she is living in poverty.

The story of Michael Carrol

Michael Carrol got addicted to drugs and call girls after his win of $14 million. Slowly his lust for cocaine cost him badly and he lost all what he had. From riches to rags he now looks for a job as a dustbin collector or working in a slaughter house.

The story of ‪Jack Whittaker

Jack W
Jack Whittaker won $314 million on Christmas Day. he pledged 10 percent of his winnings to charity, but luck was not at his side. Less than a year after he won, thieves broke into his car and stole $545,000 in cash. Again the thieves struck and stole $200,000 from his car. Third time again he was assaulted by a strip club manager and dancer who conspired to drug him and take his money.

The story of Billie Bob

Billy Bob
This tragic tale is no better. Billie Bob Harrell Jr won $31 million by winning the Texas Lottery. But in the span of 20 months le had no penny for himself. The reason that after his win he quit his job at Home Depot and donated most of the win to charity, including 480 turkeys to the poor. But soon his spending got out of control, and people started to harass him for money. After he separated from his wife, his son found him dead from suicide.

The story of Tonda Lynn Dickerson

Tonda worked at Waffle House. A generous regular gave the staff lottery tickets, and one day Tonda discovered that she had the winning ticket worth $10 million. While the rest of the employees alleged that they had all previously agreed to split a winning ticket, Tonda decided to keep it all for herself. They sued her and lost, but justice comes from nature and soon Tonda was sued by the IRS sued for unpaid taxes.

The story of Willie Hurt

Willy Hurt won $3.1 million in 1981. Two years later, he was broke after spending all his money on crack, drug dealing and other bad habits and he was charged with murder.
All these stories prove that being a winner to  lotto does not finish the job of lottery play. But it requires proper money management, hold on vices, secure and safe hold on cash and other such things.