How many numbers do you need to win powerball

numbers to win powerball

The Numbers You Need To Win Powerball

You can win a huge sum if you do well in the Powerball lottery, but there are lesser sums that you may win, and some of those lesser sums are nothing to sneer at.

Let us take a look at the numbers you need to win Powerball. First of all there is the grand prize of the Jackpot, and then there are various other prizes depending on how well you have done, and how many of your numbers are a match. Even knowing the numbers you need there is no guarantee that you will win Powerball as it is not a game of talent, but a game of luck. It all depends on whether your numbers match the numbers that the lottery organization will be using as the winning numbers

The Prizes

Jackpot: the grand prize – approximately $40 million
2nd Place: $1,000,000
3rd Place: $50, 000
4th Place: $100
5th Place: $100
6th Place: $7
7th Place: $7
8th Place: $4
9th Place: $4

Numbers for the Big Prizes – the Jackpot, the Second Tier, and the Third Tier

First of all, there is the jackpot. To win the jackpot you need to match all five of your white balls and your red power ball. The jackpot can be paid to you either as a lump sum or as an annuity. If you choose the annuity option it will be paid to you year by year, over a period of twenty-nine years – in thirty installments – and the rate increases year by year, in keeping with Powerball rules. The lump sum is about $40 million.

For the second prize you need to match all five of the white balls to the predetermined winning numbers. The prize, $1,000, 000, will be paid to you in one lump sum.

For the third prize you will need to match three of your white balls and the red power ball. This earns you $50, 000, which you will be given as one lump sum.

Numbers for Other Prizes

Note that any time you are successful in matching the red power ball you have a winning – it may not be the jackpot, it may be just a meagre four dollars, but it is money. Think of the red power ball as being sort of like the golden snitch in the Harry Potter books. Except that the golden snitch automatically wins you the game of Quid ditch, and earns you one hundred and fifty points, and the red power ball is not worth as much – but it is important in the winning of Powerball.

To win fourth place you must match any four of the white balls. Remember that order does not matter at all in Powerball.

If you win fifth place the prize money that you receive is exactly the same as the money you get for winning fourth place, so money-wise there is no difference, but you do need a different set and combination of numbers. You need to match three of your white balls and the red power ball.

For both sixth and seventh place you get only seven dollars, but again, just like with the fourth and fifth prizes, despite getting the same amount the prizes are won through matching a different set of numbers. For the sixth prize you need to match three white balls, and for the seventh prize you need to match three white balls and the power ball.

For the eighth prize you only need to match two balls – the red ball and one of the white balls.
For the ninth prize you need to match only the power ball.