Astro Predict – Your lucky Number for USA Lotteries

It has been human tendency to dream about being wealthy and to be the richest person. People crave for finding easy means to be rich as soon as possible. And playing lottery is what people look for. But what most of us forget is that our destiny and our ‘karma’ that brings us into this world in the form of human beings. And the birth chart or the birth timings, place and location along with the birth sun sign play an important role in being into what we are present. Many a times our luck is not good and we do not know where we are wrong or what is the cause of it. Birth and Death (success and failure) is according to our deeds and way of life which again then predestines our future birth and death (success and failure). This cycle goes on until we attain the state where we do not desire anything for our own cause but we begin to think for others benefits.

You can increase your chances of winning the lottery in various ways, through astrology and numerology which we predict according to the movements of the planets and also predict according to your birth charts. You can come to know about how wealthy you can be in life. The chances of a player winning the lottery depend on two things. The first relationship is that between the fifth and the second house while the second relationship is that between the eleventh and the ninth house of your planets.

If the relationship between the two houses is strong, your chances of winning are high. This means that in order to win the lottery, the player should play in times of the year that present the lottery player with the highest chances of coming out victorious. The twelfth house is also important in the lottery. This is because the twelfth house that indicates financial gain from speculation. Winning the lottery falls exactly under this house, as it is speculative.

The chances of winning also depend on the strength of the lottery planets. The planets considered are Saturn, Uranus, Mars and the Moon. The planets are known to give a sudden surge of material gain to lottery players.

The second house is the house of physical or material wealth, from second fourth is fifth house is the quick money gains house, and eighth house always supports to take a risk about winning lottery, ninth related to luck, eleventh gives light to find situations. If second house is reflecting with lord of fifth, and fifth lord having connectivity with lord of ninth house, then give situations about the money. It all we can find by the time of house always runs by the time of birth sign, and birth sign related to body and name. If fifth lord in the time of fifth house by time of house, in second house, and lord of fifth house in the house of eleventh, it means sure time of winning lottery.

Fifth house is the house of quick gains, third house is the house of easy find money, second house is the house of material wealth, sixth house is the house of others money, eleventh house is the house of satisfaction.

Our Astrologer finds for you lucky numbers according to your planets and their places in their planetary houses for you to have a winning chance in lotteries in USA.

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