How To Play Dakota Cash Ez Lotto In Dakota?

Dakota Cash EZ Lotto

Dakota Cash is the exclusive lottery jackpot game brought to you by South Dakota Lottery. If you add EZ Match to your ticket and you could win up to $100 instantly and win the jackpot later! Dakota Cash Jackpot starts at $20,000 and grows until someone wins. This lotto ticket costs $1 per play. Or, $2 with optional EZ Match instant win add-on feature.

How to play Dakota Cash EZ Match?

How to play Dakota Cash EZ Match

You need to visit your nearest lotto retailer or lottery store to buy Dakota Cash lotto ticket.

The ticket costs $1 per play and if you wish to play Dakota Cash with EZ Match then spend $1 more to get this feature on your ticket.

Use a play slip to pick five numbers from 1 to 35, or get a Quick Pick. EZ Match numbers are selected by the terminal.

Dakota Cash EZ Match ticket

If you get five EZ Match numbers at the bottom of your Dakota Cash ticket. If any of them match any of your Dakota Cash numbers, you win the prize amount listed next to the matched EZ Match numbers.

EZ Match Prizes can be $2, $3, $5, $10, $15, $20, $50 or $100.

The lotto drawing takes place every Wednesday and Saturday night. The numbers are posted online at their site as well as on their app approximately 9:50p.m. (CT) for Dakota Cash 

You need to buy tickets up until 9:00 p.m. (CT) / 8:00 p.m. (MT) on the nights of the drawings. Or, ask your retailer how to play up to nine consecutive draws in advance.

Overall odds of winning any prize are 1:7.2 and overall odds of winning an EZ Match prize are 1:4.97

You need to be a players club member to enter your non-winning tickets into their second chance drawings and receive other benefits the South Dakota Lottery has to offer. You do not need to be a member to have the app. When you become a member it is all free and prizes can be won through their second chance drawing. You will have access to tools like lotto number generators and be able to download a variety of materials from pool captain sheets for record jackpots. A few other benefits include upcoming promotions, new games access to winner’s lists.

How to claim the prize money?

Dakota Cash EZ Match Winner

If you are the lucky winner then claim your Dakota Cash jackpot within 180 days of the winning draw at a Lottery location. EZ Match winners can claim their prize instantly.

Prizes of $101 or more must be paid by one of the State Lottery offices in Rapid City, Pierre, or Sioux Falls.

You can also claim your prize by mail. All you need is to sign the back of the ticket in the space provided; Fill out a claim form which is available at your local lottery retailer.

Also you can send the completed claim form and winning ticket to the Lottery at 711 E. Wells Avenue, Pierre, SD 57501.

You should receive your prize money in 7-10 days.

Any jackpot winning ticket for Dakota Cash, Powerball, Mega Millions, top prize-winning ticket for Lucky For Life, or for the second prizes for Powerball and Mega Millions must be presented in person at the Lottery Office in Pierre.

Remember all of the prize amounts may vary and become pari-mutuel with each drawing as a result of the amount of dollars played and number of winning tickets at each level. The jackpot prize will be divided equally among multiple winners.

Also, note that the lottery is required by the IRS to withhold 24% from prizes of more than $5000. When you claim prize amounts of $600 – $4999 the lottery official will provide you with a W-2G when you pick up your prize. Fortunately, the state of South Dakota does not tax lottery winnings.