Want to Win Big at Powerball? Read These 5 Simple Strategies

What’s your biggest fantasy? If winning at the Powerball lottery is, then here’s how you can score big.

powerball numbers
Do you feel lucky at Powerball?

Most of us fantasize about driving fancy cars or living in a grand mansion. It’s something that anyone would imagine to motivate them in doing well in their jobs and having a salary raise in the process. Some people would simply try their luck betting at the lottery.

Imagine if you score big at Powerball lottery, you can retire and start your own business. Buy stocks while travelling the world. Helping your relatives with expenses or even donating some of it to charity. Reality checked – a whopping $10 million wouldn’t just land on our tables by betting at Powerball lottery. It requires patience and strategy to win it all.

Follow these simple steps on how to increase your chances of winning at Powerball:

1.) Stick to Your Numbers

powerball number sets

Being consistent in betting your favorite set of numbers is a best practice. It’s always a good idea to stick with the number and play them every time you place a bet. Keep in mind though that individual numbers don’t win lotteries, a set of numbers do. If you buy more than one card, be sure to scramble the numbers in different sets to increase your chances of winning.

2.) Avoid the Quick-Pick or Lucky-Pick Syndrome

powerball quick pick

People would think that betting at Powerball is a pure gamble, which is why they think all numbers have equal chances of being lucky. However, there certain number sets that have better chances than other sets. If you decide to choose a quick-pick, you only decrease your chances because you have random set of numbers generated by the computer. Again, stick to your numbers and trust your number sets.

3.) Choose Numbers Aside from Birthdates

powerball ticket

It’s a practice that most people do whenever they bet at the lottery. They feel that their lucky numbers are their loved ones birth months and days. That’s okay since we know that our families should enjoy our winnings first. While it’s a best practice for most people, you’re only limiting yourself to less than half the numbers available from 1 to 31. The idea here is to spread the numbers across to increase chances of winning individually or sharing the pot with one or two winners.

4.) Budget your Bets

powerball budget

Buying 10 cards is fine but buying 100 cards tells you how you’re dedicated to playing the lottery. If you think buying a hundred cards is an investment, then you’re in trouble.  The idea here is simply to budget your expenses. You allocate funds for grocery and you don’t spend it buying cards. If you have some spare change after buying your essentials, then it’s okay to buy cards. Shrug off that Powerball fever and stick to your gameplan.

5.) Be Consistent

powerball live draw

Always watch the live drawing of the game you’re playing. This will make you more observant on how you should approach your numbers game. Be sure to take note of the series of numbers that are frequently shown.